Menos de R$ 250!  FONE gamer BARATO para PS5, PC, XBOX e MUITO MAIS!! EKSA E1000 WT!!

Menos de R$ 250! FONE gamer BARATO para PS5, PC, XBOX e MUITO MAIS!! EKSA E1000 WT!!

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Eai meus queridos e queridas!! Tudo beleza?! Hoje eu trouxe aqui um Headset Gamer muito bacana e por um preço muito justo!! O EKSA E1000 WT é o primeiro fone que testei dessa marca e me supreendeu bastante viu, confiram o vídeo e comentem o que acharam dele!!

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(00:00) – Introdução
(01:23) – O que vem na Caixa
(02:15) – Como fica na Cabeça
(02:44) – Preço
(03:42) – Design e Acabamento
(06:12) – Testes de Jogos
(06:55) – Conforto e Peso
(08:50) – Qualidade Sonora e Latência
(09:18) – Bateria e Carregamento
(09:39) – Conclusão

[Music] Look what we have in our hands today my dear dears a hexa gamer headset a Very cool Gamer brand with a very interesting cost-benefit it costs around 230 at the moment I make this video it is for play 5 play 4 Xbox One so Xbox One X Nintendo and Switch and PC and you can also use it on your cell phone using the cable it already comes with a Dongle for you to Use 7.1 simulation it has a us and who is this line for voice because it already has a microphone included And has even a driver that you can download from the hexa website to give you more, let’s say, sound separation, You have more possible equalizations to download it has 50 mm the drivers have a battery life of up to 36 hours So it’s a very interesting headphone for a very nice price and it leaves I’ll show you here, I Already tested it, it’s on Play 5, look how beautiful it is, it’s a well-built Phone . and it’s a phone that I liked a lot, I’ve already tested it, It also comes with the cables, look how beautiful it is, we have the 3.5 MM cable, it has a charging cable Too hexa which Is very cute so you can keep your phone here that beauty is a Very cute little baby very nice people right here look what a beauty look for you to transport And of course in addition To all this comes the dongo that is here manual de instruction and his Dongle Remembering that this Is going to be a headset more for Gamer, he needs to use this connection unless you Want to use the 3.5 MM you can listen to music you can use it on the PC if you go without the USB you can but It doesn’t make sense but you can use this here more for cell phones, you have to have the 3.5 Mm input Okay, let me open it here to go back to the headphone [Music] And look, for example, how it stays here in your head when you put it on a big Claro phone, Right, it’s really rougher, more square than its objective is to be a Gamer phone, people, and this brand is Excel, the first phone that I get from them that they send here to The channel and I really liked what I saw I think that it’s a really cool benefit course Interesting sound quality and I’ll leave the link to it here in the description for you the price of this model It’s a more entry-level model but still very complete it’s like i told you around R$ 230 so i I’ll leave the link here in the description if you’re interested in buying from Their official Aliexpress Store . for the first Time, if you liked the video , Leave your like and subscribe to the channel, it’s also good . the best prices ok it Has automatic tester price historical price athlete and for Aliexpress it has several coupons

Available it also works with websites outside Brazil and websites in Brazil for anything You are going to buy on the internet so the link is here in the description the phone link is also here in the Description and also leave the link to our offer group on telegram so only those who don’t Want to save money are fine our offer group has offers there every day all the time for you So look guys Let’s talk here first of all its general construction quality it is a well Built headphone it is not very light it is heavier on the head there are some but here that I will Tell you there is this detail on the top to give that Gamer touch the Pillows non-cushions are very generous look at the thickness of this here they are very chubby they Have a good space to go to your ear So you will have your ear squashed here and the Top cushion is also very Generous Look It is very chubby it will make it very comfortable For you to play your games. Also, how does it work in terms of operation, there is this Metal part that is very easy, it goes well with the little touch here on the tec tec for you to adjust it Well to the size of your head we have at the bottom very objective controls for the 3.5 MM input The button for you to turn it on and off it’s what you’re going to do here you can press it here and then you Hold it for a while and it turns on there’s a bluetooth indicator and look, we already have the LED on it turns on Which is the studio here it is It’s brighter but it’s a really cool LED Look, it’s a LED that looks really nice and Look how it looks then with the LEDs on here you see it looks really interesting in the dark it looks Really nice ok And then you liked João, he’s handsome the LEDs are beautiful And of course you can Turn off this LED if you want to turn off the LED you press it twice ok and it turns off Two touches it turns on and you have this button here which is the button for you to mute your microphone And here you can also Activate the mode they call it which is the simulation of 7.1 for You to have more expertise in this button we have the increase and decrease volume is very objective it is a little Scroll that works very well too ok so no big secrets and we have it here your microphone Because it is malleable so you can direct it where you want and also fit it here If you are not going to use it Remembering that it has a noise canceling system for The headphones sorry for the speech microphone but not for the headset itself the headset blocks because it has This very thick foam but it doesn’t have knots and the saddle effectively activates noise cancellation ok And then how will it work you take this Dongle connect it to your PC or to your console in my Case testing Play 5 and it works at 2.4 GHz with 30 milliseconds of latency, which Is very low . quickly And it doesn’t disturb the latency, there’s no problem without having to disturb the gameplay Or anything like that, okay the surround effect works well it’s also a really cool effect it’s giving the Sound a greater spatiality and we know that for the PlayStation 5 because For example, you need

To have this here, sometimes you can even connect a normal phone to the TV’s Bluetooth, but it lags, it’s Not very cool, so it’s a very interesting cost-benefit, especially for Play 5 , which is a bit annoying with that And of course you you can use it on the PC too, anyway, it’s a Gamer headset for Several platforms and in terms of volume it’s high and in terms of comfort it’s a point that I have some minor ones there, that’s what happens when you put it on I played for I spent a few hours With this phone to be able to bring you the review here, that’s how it stopped bothering me. I think it’s a little heavy, but it has a robust construction . on your head if you don’t like headphones that have a Slightly higher weight maybe it bothers you a little but then you get used to it, we End up getting used to the weight that’s normal it’s more when you put it on but it’s comfortable It’s not too tight here on the sides and it doesn’t have excessive pressure, so it doesn’t Bother me. I wear glasses, it doesn’t bother me but one point that I found a little strange is that it’s Kind of concave because it’s curved here, let’s say And there’s left over here, look, show it to The people, you can see it here for me, this is this little entry here, look, you can even Put a finger here so I can remove this GAP that I have to do I have to Tighten the handset a little more and then it seals it here, as the adjustment up here is Very smooth, it can be fixed but I felt that its structure is very rigid maybe And then it Ends up giving this excess because of the structure lol I don’t like it when they stay here it’s not something That hindered me playing it’s not something that made the sound worse Or better or anything like that but I think This here leaks sound so if you’re going to play sometimes there’s someone on the side that’s sleeping and Such, the sound can disturb a little because it will leak but that’s normal, at least in the shape of My head, it happened, you can work around it, you press it a little more, but then it Was a little tight So for me that was the only issue but I played several hours on the Play 5 with it I liked it it has a good specialty, right It has a good sound it is more focused on the bass They are 50 mm drivers so through big ones but I don’t know tense you can identify where Sounds are coming from so shooting game you can see if they are coming from behind the front and such is a good headphone For this range people of 200 and 30 reais is a great cost-effective because we know that The original accessories, for example, from Sony are very expensive the original headset is very expensive so it is A headset that has a good construction battery lasts for 36 hours so you will only be able to play for A long time and You can charge it here in 10 minutes You can charge it for more or less three hours It’s According to the specifications so it’s a phone well well well well very competitive two And a half hours to charge it 100% and 36 hours with the LED off so it’s a headphone that I liked from what I Saw the good quality material is not extremely light but it is inside those more crude Gamer accessories and is comfortable for long hours of use just this little thing here right in the ear that bothered me

A little even so the product a lot easy to recommend with a lot of resources you can Even download the driver from the website if you want and they have several other models there this was The first one they sent me here we will probably bring others for you so Stay tuned that is a very interesting brand for you to look at that specializes in this here You liked leg Maroto in the description do not forget to subscribe to the channel turn on the bell to Receive notifications install our tool for you to save for real and comment if you Already know this brand if you have a headset and you don’t Check the link here in the description because It’s a product with a great cost-benefit for you to play your games.

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