APPLE WATCH 9 e ULTRA 2 chegaram!! Será que MUDOU alguma COISA mesmo?

APPLE WATCH 9 e ULTRA 2 chegaram!! Será que MUDOU alguma COISA mesmo?

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(00:00) – Introdução
(01:45) – Comandos por Gestos
(01:10) – Apple Watch Series 9
(02:43) – Novo Processador S9 SiP
(03:28) – Novidades da Siri
(04:49) – Tela
(05:05) – Outras Novidades
(06:00) – Preços
(06:55) – Apple Watch Ultra 2
(07:13) – Processador
(07:28) – Tela
(07:39) – Acabamento
(08:15) – Destaques para Esportes
(09:05) – Design e Pulseiras
(09:32) – Preços
(10:00) – Conclusão

Apple yesterday presented its newest and most modern Apple watch Apple watch series 9 and Also the second generation Apple watch Ultra, its most crude model for those who want to have The best features and we will talk about all the new features in today’s video for you, it has an Improved screen, it has a new Chipset, a new processor that brings very Curious new features, like for example the command here, in your hand, people, you’re going to do it here, I have it here, You’re going to do it here, you’re going to have it commands that you can do on your Apple watch and many Other things in addition to a brightness that has also increased like crazy Anyway, let’s talk about all The news, you who are already home leave a like Naughty, you who are arriving now if you Like the video Leave a like and subscribe there too, I’m sure you’ll like it and throw in A naughty tip here for you too link here in the description Pay Less than our tool For you to find the best prices there are more than 100 thousand people using it for anything If you’re going to buy on the internet, it’s there for you in the description and we also have our group Of offers on Telegram. So take advantage and click there and install it, okay [Music] Let’s get to it, so talking about the new Apple watch series 9, let’s start with he Then we talk about Ultra one of the things that caught the most attention is that it is able to highlight Its new Chipset which is the s9 it is the processor there in the watch right What makes everything happen is the s9s The ep and what is the main new feature that it brings, in addition to more processing, it is 30% faster, Saves more battery life. In short, all the normal improvements are that it will now have the New doubletep, which Apple calls the new gesture mode, so what will happen Guys, when You’re wearing your Apple watch, you’ll be able to do this movement here, it’s a double tap, It’s really two finger taps, it’s with a single hand and it will do several things, it will work for Several applications on your cell phone, and it will being able, for example, to answer and hang up the call, control The primary button of several applications, so play pause your music, you’ll be able to turn off the Alarm clock, anyway, you. You’re in your bed, lying down, someone is calling you, aren’t you ? arm just does this here oh It’s the height of laziness that Apple is doing to us but You have the possibility so it’s power one highlight is that it will be much easier you won’t Need it, right if you’re doing something it put situations there from the guy working with gloves To the person curled up with a bunch of bags in his hand, the phone rings so you don’t need to put Anything on the floor, everything is done here through movement, yes, it brings something new, it’s very interesting, it makes Everyday life easier, I don’t know if it’s all The world will use it but it’s still cool Apple said that this new Chipset It has recognizes both the movement and vibration of the finger and the blood flow control that Passes here so when you make this movement I don’t know if it changes anything here in the control How much blood passes down here and you detect this And then it can do these New features So this is something that is very important for a new Apple watch

Said that as I already said, the battery is 30% faster. says it provides all-day battery life, So we didn’t have any gains in terms of battery life compared to the previous generation, which isn’t All-day battery life without major difficulties, but it said adding new features. So you bring More things like the same use of battery basically another thing that is power highlight is that now you Can use Siri right here on your Apple watch even if you have no internet in the past in Current models it only works you have to have a connection but now it processes your Voice requests directly inside the watch, so this will bring ease, right? It’s faster because of This new Chipset, it will respond to you much faster and it doesn’t depend on the internet completely, Of course, if you ask for the weather forecast, any information that requires the internet, it won’t Work but it will work for the internal functions there, so the alarm clock does What you want, all of this will also create a new integration that Apple said is good The cool thing is that now you will be able to tell Siri that you have taken medicine, your weight and other Things so you can keep your health record . Siri My weight is 80 kg today and In three days it would be my weight, I don’t know how many kilos, you’re even responding here and then She creates a record in the Apple health app for you and that’s really cool, You you can let her know that she took her medicine, there’s a little tick on the medicine app. This Really makes it easier when you obviously learn how to use it, right? And dedicate yourself to it because these Things, if you don’t go and see what it’s like not using it, there’s no point in anything else. A very Interesting thing is that its new screen is 1200 News in normal mode and can reach peaks Of two thousand nits. So you have a much greater brightness in very sunny situations, which gives it That boost, it gives that extra boost, it’s beyond Apple brought some new things to talk about, So it put some highlights here that it already had from Crash detection, anyway, you will have a New feature that I found interesting that you can locate your iPhone as if it were A tag. Then you will click on your pot As you walk, the arrow moves closer And vibrates until you get close to the iPhone. Anyone who has an Air tag and uses it is basically what You pick up the iPhone and it locates you where the tag is, you will be able to do this with your Apple watch. Okay, so these were the main highlights, she presented new bracelets, she talked A lot about recycled material that she is using in her bracelets, about not leaving a Carbon footprint in the world, right, carbon neutral and everything else, she talked a lot about that, so basically we Are going to have new bracelets. of recyclable materials and that’s it, we haven’t had any big changes, big News but they are better compared to what we had from the previous generation and what is the Price of the new Apple watchback, well, looking here on the Apple website for the price in Brazil for aluminum from 4.99 and stainless steel from 8.499 we will have several colors and also the difference between

The more basic model than aluminum to steel and stainless which has always been a more expensive version We have differences in relation to the price also let’s for example see the aluminum size 41 MM here I will choose the color and I will choose 41 mm 499 and the 45 MM which is the largest 5,399 Are obviously not cheap products Okay but this is the price we have here for Brazil if you Buy in the United States It’s going to be a lot cheaper, how much cheaper is Becker, good people, the 41 MM one is 399 dollars and the 45 MM one is 429 dollars, really a lot cheaper, having said all that, let’s Talk now about the new Apple watch Ultra two that was launched, right, the first time last year That’s why it’s both, of course, and this one is a rougher, improved Apple watch, but it has it There, in fact, things like a normal Apple watch 9, so what we’re going to have here, It uses the same chipset, which is the s9 The s9 ship, right, which is the most entry-level model, so to speak, And it will have those same features, the tep, it will have the voice system without wi-fi, it works like that And everything else. There is just one detail, firstly, it has a screen with a brightness of up to 3,000 nits At its peak, so it’s a lot more than the new Apple watch series, so it’s a lot of people, it’s a Very high brightness, it obviously has a titanium body, which already existed, right, we already had it In previous versions, so it is a smartwatch much more aimed at extreme activities you Can dive with it it is more resistant its screen is more resistant it is a Sapphire screen The body is made of titanium and it has a bigger battery so Apple said we will get 36 Hours in normal mode using everything activated on a daily basis and 72 in economical mode So this Is really cool, it’s quite a lot and of course Apple highlighted here the use of rougher sports So she gave some examples that it can measure from less meters below Sea level, it reached 9 thousand meters, so for both diving and mountain climbing, This type of thing, there is a new watch Face there, which is a new White face that allows you to see Various information in real time. How is the temperature, altitude, where are you, the compass? A lot of things are new modes for bikes, there’s a Flashlight Boost mode that you can use as If it were a stronger flashlight and there’s also a way to find the iPhone like we see In the north so he shares these things there, right? new modes there for those who Dive, its GPS is integrated so you can go hiking and everything, but these are not big News, they are things that already had its design, it is very similar to last year’s, I can Almost notice a difference compared to compared to last year and Apple also highlighted its New bands, you know, its new bracelets that have new colors, a new design, in short, what we Already expected, but it continues to be a great smartwatch, one of the best you can find on the market for Those who need this like a smartwatch, it’s bigger, of course, and let’s talk about price, let’s see, This one is expensive, you see, people here in Brazil, it will cost 9,699, at least for those under 10, Right, but that’s the price, and in the United States, it’s 799 dollars. also known as 800 dollars which

We are going to do a direct conversion here it will be about R$ 4,000, right? It is much cheaper there, just as IPhones are cheaper, and if you haven’t seen the iPhone video, check it out here, I will leave the Link on description but it’s just good news so it’s improvements I would say that the Apple watch came More like App 8.5 than an epod 9 even though the iPhones were a little different the iPhone I Saw big changes in the pro line which I found interesting especially construction relation And the battery But if you want to see everything in detail I already told you the link is here in the Video description so you can see all the new features, okay if you liked the video leave a like Naughty Don’t forget To check out the video link here too bar Pay Less than our tool there are over a hundred Thousand users, everyone really saving money and we have our group of offers on Telegram, everything here For you, okay, we’ll see you in the next videos, I’m Becker, thanks and bye bye guys [Music]

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